Meeting my heroes at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition

Two days down at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition and I’ve already met several of my longtime web heroes. Attending this conference is a dream come true for me, and meeting these folks is more than I could have asked for.

NOLA Valentines: a brief recap

Sarah and I launched on Monday morning with the expectation that only our friends and family would see it.

As of this evening we have more than 1.3 million views and over 60K unique visitors. The site has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and countless times through email. Sarah has done interviews (including a very fun one for WGNO) and today we partnered with Fleurty Girl to sell some cool t-shirts.

This has been a very neat experience made better by the support of our friends, family, and all the great folks sending submissions on Twitter. To say we’re surprised and grateful is an understatement.

Skittles: New Orleans (Nawlins) Edition

Skittles: Nawlins Edition by Jeremy Stewart

Skittles: Nawlins Edition

I got tired of hearing about the Skittles “Seattle Mix”, so I made one for New Orleans. This is what I’d like to see: some crawfish, gumbo, Tabasco, and Zatarain’s. Ideally if you eat all flavors at the same time they taste like king cake. How about it, Skittles?

Winter weather in Louisiana

Can’t help but wonder if there are places with colder weather right now — that are NOT shutting down and issuing advisories.
Screenshot 2014-01-28 at 10.48.56 AM

Vehicle crash test: 1959 vs 2009

Notice how efficiently the ’59 Bel Air crumples! It just scrunches up like a spring (allowing the frame to absorb more of the shock and minimize damage to the driver). Looks like we could really learn from those old-timey engineers.