Reasons why my friend Taylor is my funniest friend

These are a few reasons why my friend Taylor is my funniest friend. Taylor doesn’t know I’m writing this, so please maybe just don’t tell him. He already has a pretty big ego. Anyway, the reasons:

  1. When I gave him a lapel pin of Obama’s face, he started wearing it to work — then when people asked about it he would say he doesn’t discuss politics in the workplace.

  2. He says “yes” (in the improv sense). When I ask him if he remembers something totally made-up, he says “of course” and then adds his own fictional details. This commitment to comedy has given us some of our best — and most confusing — conversations.

  3. When I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, he coughed at work and told our boss he was “coming down with whatever Jeremy has”. When I took time off of work for chemo, he told me I was taking a lot of vacation time and reminded me that “no one is indispensable”.

  4. He listens to Comedy Bang Bang. This is how we first bonded, after weeks of working next to each other and exchanging cold pleasantries. I didn’t really like Taylor when I first met him, but our shared love of CBB changed everything.

  5. He gets comedy. His deliveries are effortless; his timing is impeccable. Taylor has humor in his blood, and he can’t stop it from squirting out and soaking everyone around him.

  6. When I had a great elevator joke that I used at work, Taylor told me it wasn’t funny — then he later stole it and got big laughs from our coworkers. One guy even told me “Taylor does that joke better.” Even though I felt understandably betrayed, I respected that Taylor made the joke his own and improved the delivery.

When I meet someone like Taylor, I hold onto them because they make my days brighter. They turn everyday situations into moments of laughter and fun. Sure, Taylor has an attitude problem and refuses to buy an Xbox so we can play Call of Duty together. But he’s my friend, and I can always trust him to make me laugh.

This is the first post in a series of posts about my favorite people. These are short reflections and should not be taken very seriously. Any similarity with real/fictitious events or characters is purely coincidental.